Pest Control Portland, Seattle & Vancouver, WA

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About Us

Green Choice Pest Control serves you with the leading pest control in Portland, Seattle and Vancouver WA. We have been serving the Pacific Northwest for over seven years and we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the most comprehensive pest control in Portland, Seattle and Vancouver WA. You can be sure that only the most professional and qualified technicians will show up to your home or office, on time and ready to work. Call us today if you would like a free, no obigation inspection.

Our Products

Here at Green Choice we vow to never use products in a way that may harm your family or pets. We use only the most green products available for pest control in Portland, Seattle and Vancouver WA. The products we use will not cause any unnecessary danger to your pets or family but are still very effective in exterminating pests. Most of our pest control products are organic or botanically based (derived from plants such as the chrysanthemum flower) making them environmentally safe for you and your family.

Your Environment

People these days have been talking a lot about being “eco-friendly” or “ecologically sustainable” and the importance of keeping our planet thriving. What most people don’t know is that providing pest control in Portland, Seattle and Vancouver WA promotes a better sustaining ecosystem. An example of that is that if we let termites continue to ruin home structures, the demand for timber would increase causing unnecessary tree removal. At Green Choice we know the importance of our role in keeping a healthy environment.